Our Story

A.B.S. started out as A.B.S. Crew, a group of break dancers who performed dance and acrobatic shows all around the world. With a background in high-level gymnastics, Rosh, the founder, began training other dancers, stunt actors and circus artists in tumbling and acrobatics.

With a high demand for good quality, progression-based training, Rosh decided he should open his own facility to further share his knowledge. In 2016, A.B.S. Training Centre opened its doors and since then, it’s only been growing!

The foundation of all training at A.B.S. is based on gymnastics principles so we strongly believe in teaching our athletes in a safe, progressive manner. We believe strength and mobility are the foundations for all skills and tricks, so we constantly push our athletes to obtain an adequate level of fitness before attempting anything new.

Our goal is to enhance the motor skills and physical fitness of anyone who walks through our doors, while simultaneously building confidence, self-esteem and discipline. By training in a challenging but fun atmosphere, athletes will not only learn the skills to overcome the physical and mental obstacles of training, but in life as well.