ng now Liu Zhengyu now where, war Amazon wolf also do not know, thinking around with a long winded woman, there are some inconvenience. Do I still take you back to the king What is the king of the pot War wolf shook his head and said sit still. There is no reason to ignore the East purple chatter, speed up, fly to the drug king Valley. Liu Zhengyu, Cao Guowei, hidden and snow left Fuhu Mountain, the aimlessly walked forward. The river is a devil practicing superb, the world Amazon it exam so he casually hiding in which corner is enough for us to find. Liu Zhengyu Amazon Certification nodded. Cao brother said, but the king of war in his hands, in any case I have to find him, rescue.d the princess. Liu Zhengyu turned and continued to the hidden snow, said You planted demon world, but also ask you to inquire about the whereabouts of the river. Is the less Lord, we have to inquire. Liu Zhengyu patted the shoulder, said Remember to be careful to see the river waves do not rush with it, immediately notify me with the sound law. Yes, little master. Hidden snow two people left, Liu Zhengyu said

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